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Chiropractic and Athletes

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It is no doubt that chiropractic care for athletics has grown in Iowa the last few years. Athletes are constantly looking for the next edge that can take their skill to the next level. Many professional teams now have a team chiropractor on staff that look after their professional athletes. As sports are getting more and more competitive each day, many of these athletes are seeking chiropractic care as a drug-free, natural enhancement to their performance. These athletes are finely tuned in the physical and biomechanics of each event they compete in. With each imperfection in their body’s anatomy and physiology, it will cause them to slow down, decrease strength, and also lose performance and function.

We are all athletes whether you think you are or not. Your body is a fine tuned machine created for athletic performance, allowing you to move freely and quickly without interruption. If you are finding yourself not moving freely, or losing speed and strength, there are chiropractic programs that ready that help you:

-Increase your body stability
-Increase muscular coordination
-Increase oxygen utilization and transport in the body
-Enhance and reduce reaction time
-Reduce joint position and proprioceptive errors
-Increase strength and enhance speed

If you are an athlete and are looking for an edge for your performance, call Dr. Sean Dunkle at Care Chiropractic in Marion, Iowa. 319-377-7331

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