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Dunkle’s Hit The Outdoor Ice!

As some of you may know, my family loves hockey.  With consistent Winter temperatures finally arriving, the Dunkle’s were able to hit the outdoor ice. 

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We were joined by 7 others who braved the cold temperatures (7 degrees with a windchill of -5 degrees).
It was a hard battled game with a great bunch of hockey lovers.  The game consisted of three straight hours of intense hockey, and am glad I was able to play.
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No injuries for myself, as many of you remember my near career- ending shoulder injury.  There was one small injury when Quinn took a puck to the shin.  After 8 minutes of being held by Dad and a cup of hot chocolate, Quinn was able to rejoin her team in the battle.  She contributed with 2 goals.  Gabe was on the opposing team and managed to score in the double digits.  It’s a memorable moment when you see your child surpass your abilities.  I’m not sure who won the game in the end, but we all scored some great memories. 
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